video shuts down in teams-meetings with more than 2 participants

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when I have Teams-Sessions with more than 2 participants (including me), all videos shut down, so, I don't see the camera-picture but instead only the circle with the person's initials. When the third (fourth...) person leaves and only two persons remain the video-image reappears.

It's all happening in a Gigabit LAN. Are there any new restrictions in teams? What might be a solution? Is there a new setting in Teams I have to change?

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Hello, surely something network related. When the third user joins the video feed isn't on the LAN anymore as it's being cloud-routed. Perhaps better off sending log files to the official support.


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<quote>"Perhaps better off sending log files to the official support."</quote>

What do you suggest me to try? "turn off" sending log files? where can I find that setting?


Hello, you misunderstood what I meant. I was referring to the official support. Send the log files to Microsoft for a proper analyze if you can't figure it out yourself. As for the conversation I linked to there was only one individual having that problem (are you the only one as well?) and a reinstall fixed it.
Which log file do you suggest me to send, the debug-logfile, the media-logfile or the desktop-logfile (= bootstrap-logfile?!?)? And, which Support would you suggest me to use best?

sorry for so much questions...
ah, sorry for the delay, I found a solution - reinstalling MS Teams did it :D
Hello, great. Same as for the others I mentioned in the post above then.