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I conducted a study on MS Teams and recorded the sessions. I downloaded the recordings after each session and just opened them to make sure they are playing and that it is the correct length. Never checked anything else. Now when I wanted to play the full videos, only half of the video is working and the rest is an error. The video stops and restarts for example. It happened on 2 or 3 of the videos and the strange aspect is that the recordings were scheduled weekly. 


Now, a month after the sessions, the download link on the meeting is expired and I checked One Drive and Stream if it might be saved there but it is not. So I am in a bit of a panic - I need these recordings as proof for my study. 

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Unfortunately, it’s hard to say what went wrong, if it’s a backend Microsoft error or something that happened during the download of the recordings! If the change to SharePoint/OneDrive has been made they would be in your OneDrive if these recordings were initiated by you! If not they are stored in Stream if you have a Stream license! In this case it seems not.
AFAIK there’s no way for you to attain these recording again unfortunately