Video Recording Failure: the resulting video was saved as a set of broken pieces

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During my last session Microsoft teams saved the video recording of a lesson of a University course as a set of independent videos instead of a single 2 hours video.

During the session everything went smooth and I started and ended the recording after starting the meeting exactly in the same way of the previous times,m but for some reason, after a few hours, in my stream account, instead of a single video, 5 different pieces appeared. Between the videos there are a small gaps so, we cannot join them together and some content is lost. 


What is the reason? How can we prevent this from happening again? 


thanks in advance


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Hi! There have been reports of this before lately and I’ll take this with the product group! Please just create a ticket with MS so they are aware

Thanks! I have tried but it seems that the ticketing site, (the one that I can access from the help button in the Team app) does not recognize my University of Pisa account. I have reported the issue to the Unipi admins.