Video mixer input to Teams, best quality?

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We have held a lot of hybrid events this fall (no surprises there!). Our clients want us to send a camera input as well as powerpoint / desktop view to Teams. Our meeting rooms are large so we have used proper video cameras and a video mixer to mix camera and pc inputs.


We have used Atem mini to send HDMI inputs to pc, which has worked flawlessly with Teams, HOWEVER attendees are receiving a blurred image, kind of "720p" at best. Our network is 1000/800mbps. Image going in to the Teams is perfect, but not on the receiving side, even on the same network/organization. Shared slides and documents show up perfect, which confuses me a lot.


Are there any other viable options on sending video mixer output to Teams? Does NDI virtual input produce any better results? Is it possible to send 1080p video over Teams, or should we suggest other platforms to our clients?


Thank you in advance!

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4 months ago on this and no answer yet, we just had issues using Teams and NDI video input, our network is Gbps also and the video was running perfectly on the NDI monitors but on TEAMS it wasnt working, it went freezed and all of a sudden started to work again.