Video Layout - show the name of the participant in their window

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Just wondering if it would be possible to enable people's names to show in their window during a video call? Something like the lady in the middle has in the image I attached.


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@Rebecca Hill 

This isn't currently a feature, if it is one that you would like to see added please add it as a suggestion at 0he official UserVoice -


As an alternative, you may want to use the Attendees list. In it, the user(s) speaking are highlighted. 

Meeting Attendees.png


@Brad Groux thanks so much! the meeting participants list is a great feature! I have added the idea to uservoice for the name to appear on screen. 

@Brad Groux Wait, I have the opposite problem - how do I turn the names OFF? I'm in a meeting with 20 participants, all of whom I know, and it is annoying that I see their names in each video pane. It's cluttered and redundant. How do I turn OFF the display of names?

@Brad Groux Any update on this feature? All the other big video chat apps have the ability to show names overlaid on video panes- Webex, Zoom, Duo... even Skype has this feature. Why doesn't Teams have it as well? I've posted on Uservoice too but it doesn't seem to be getting much attention there so I guess it probably won't happen if it's not already on the dev roadmap.

How do you get this, are you in Zoom? I can do it in Zoom. Some of us have aphasia and really cannot remember names, this would be so important to get.

@Brad Groux How do I get the Attendee list to show (as in your screengrab below)?  I only see the people's faces and it does not keep their full name up.  During a live Teams meeting, I would like to see the list of all people currently attending the TEAMS meeting (in real time).

@Anne123 Press the attendee list button, leftmost ...




@j2bryson If you are using Teams Desktop App the name will be at the bottom left of each video.