Video layout in large gallery view

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Hi All


Question 1

As we welcome the large gallery view of 7x7, what happens when the presenter shares their desktop while all 49 have their videos on? 

Question 2

I know I can right-click and pin a camera and I can view the cameras I like. However can I control other participant's views. Is there a way I can pin a camera on a particular speaker for all participants?

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Q1 : It should present the desktop. However, if we like to see all peoples face rather than the shared content, can click on the faces and shared content will be one of the tile.
Q2 : I dont its possible to pin one camera for other participants. Haven't tried it yet.

@rjayaraj thanks for the response. So in regards to Q1, all the 49 videos will be displayed at the bottom? Do you have a screen shot of the view?

Hello @iWish1991   Actually, just a handful of videos will be at the bottom (maybe 8 or 9, just like now - I never counted them) and another circle will have +41 next to them (or whatever the number of remaining attendees is).  When a desktop is being shared, you can't see all 49 attendees as well.

@iWish1991 Unfortunately dont have a screenshot.