Video garbage and laptop freeze during teams calls

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This is happening randomly during teams calls, I can go days without it happening at all too and then out of the blue during a video call,  random graphic garbage over the screen and complete laptop freeze - I can only power down and restart.

It's ONLY happening whilst on teams calls -- I've also disabled Hardware Acceleration in teams to see if that made a difference,  it hasn't.


Laptop is Dell Latitude 5590 with 32GB RAM,  running Windows 10 Pro  version 20H2 (19042.804 build)

I've run memory tests across all 32GB RAM and have found no issues with RAM.

I've run DXDIAG and I see no issues in there either (not sure if teams uses DirectX)

Any suggestions gratefully received!
video garbage - laprop now frozen!video garbage - laprop now frozen!


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I’d reinstall/update the graphics drivers here!

@adam deltinger  hi, thank you for the suggestion -- this had been previously performed.   For all other purposes the machine is stable and works flawlessly, video corruption ONLY happens whilst on a Teams call - and even then only randomly.  I can go days without issue,  or have it happen twice in one day.