Video Feed in meetings not showing

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I am having experience now with Teams meetings not showing the users camera in a teams meeting.  The camera will work if the laptop is restarted.  As soon as you leave a meeting and join another the camera does not work.


To clarify. The camera is showing up on the local device as if the camera is on.  The camera will not show up in the meeting.


This is not a firewall issue as I have seen in other posts, because the laptop will pass the camera feed in the desktop version of teams after a cold boot.  This only happens when the computer leaves the meeting and joins another.  This is only happening in the app.  


Any insight or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Seeing this mainly on Dell Latitude 3189.  This is not happening with other devices that we have experienced so far.

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@NWEASD I'm afraid I don't have a solution yet but wanted to chip in that we're having the same issue with our Latitude 3189s. We found that the web version always seems to work - you?

Good to know we're not alone!

@hardenadl yes.  When testing in google chrome it seemed to work every time.  Have you tried to reload any of your devices to see if that fixes it?  I am going to try that today and see.

@NWEASD We're working remotely so did a Fresh Start on Intune which isn't far off a total rebuild. Unfortunately the issue persisted.