Video/Audio calls not working

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Hi Team

   Since 2 weeks I have troubles with calls (video/audio) on TEAMS (desktop version):

When I call, I get this error message (I can't attach screen shots):

Sorry, we couldn't connect you

  When anyone calls me it goes straight away to the voicemail box even if my TEAMS is active and online. I don't see any incoming calls(audio/video) 


   I noticed also that :

 - I see missed calls after that on my desk version for the call I didn't see.

- Even when my desk TEAMS is active, I still get TEAMS calls on my cell

- If I disable notification on my TEAMS on my cell, I still don't get any call on TEAMS on my desk

- The web version is working on my desk but I can't use it because the share screen is too small.


This is what I've done so far:

- I made sure my Windows 10 is up to date (10.0.19044)

- I made sure TEAM is up to date as well :

- I restarted the computer

- I deleted all TEAMS cache %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams

- Uninstall and install TEAMS from scratch

- I made sure that the option Calls ring me is selected on TEAMS on my desk

- I made sure that the option When active on desktop is blocked on my TEAM on my cell (Notification\Block notification )

- I made sure that in Office 365 administration center, coexistence mode is set to Teams Only

- I made sure that in Office 365 administration center, the voice routing is by default (same as my colleagues)



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If others can't hear you in Teams calls and meetings, you might be having a problem with your microphone.
Here's how to check:
Open System Preferences.
Select Security & Privacy.
Under Privacy, choose Microphone on the left.
Make sure Microsoft Teams is selected.
Close all apps and restart your device.

Rachel Gomez



I don't reach this step: I'm not able to make or receive any video/audio calls.So my calls fails right a way


It's not the fact that I can't hear/see them or they can't hear/see me.

Are you still encountering this issue? Also, does this happen in the Teams web client?
As I didn't receive any helpful reply so I reinstalled windows and now it works

rergarding your request, Yes it was working on the web version but not on the desktop one.
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@Samir_Benkhellat So you reinstalled the Windows operating system completely, and now it works? Glad it works now!