Very Slow Team Creation

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When we create a team, it will create the team, however, not all features are available until many days later. For example, on Friday, I created a new team. Today is Monday. Two basic examples of the slow creation process is the team still doesn't have email addresses for sending in emails, won't allow me to change the picture.


It's almost as if the teams creation process is getting stalled out at some point. Any help would be appreciated.

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That's not expected: Are you by chance with Free Teams or with Teams on a regular Office 365 Subscription?

@Juan Carlos González Martín most of the users are on Office365, but we have a few users that don't have Office365 licenses and just have teams licenses.

@Juan Carlos González Martín is there anyway to figure out how to get this resolved. Almost a week and still no email addresses for the team and can’t change its picture.

I have the same problem, not a free user, have a 365 subscription. Is there a fix?
I would open an issue with MS, but just to clarify, when you create a team in Teams, the email address assigned to it does not work as such unless you specificaly enable it.