Very slow and lagging UI in TEAMS

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Hi everyone, our company is going to use TEAMs as Tool and we used Slack before. TEAMs Desktop App on Mac ist Slow and feels lagging all the time. Is there hope that this will be better sometimes?

If you switch between Team Channels f.e you have to WAIT a Second and sometimes more...


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Well Microsoft Teams is still in preview. The full release shall be available very soon now and will bring a bunch of better performance and settings. 


Stay tuned!

Would you happen to know if TEAMS will be enabled by default after the preview is over?

I don't think so even if the Admins can do that by just desactiving SfB... 

I'm also dealing with this very annoying issue, on both my laptop and desktop. Let me know if you find a cause or workaround.

Problematic for me as well. I get hardlocks every once in a while, that I'm 90% sure is related to the Teams app. 


Windows App needs much improvement before GA.

Agree - Windows application is too laggy as it is now.

Again, I don't have such lags. Are you talking about lags occuring when using the app or sending message? 

The lag occurs whenever I load a new chat, channel, or tab. Otherwise the app is silky smooth. Typing is fine, sending is fine, opening the settings menu or picking out emotes - all fine. But anytime it loads text it takes forever. This is on two dramatically different machines (brand new laptop & couple years old desktop).

Any update to the performance of the application would be greatly appreciated.  Very slow in it's current state.

That is the same lag I experience. I compare to switching between Outlook folders which is instant. If I click a channel, it takes some not a lot longer, but enough to make it irritating (maybe 1-2 seconds) and it doesn't matter if it's just text and/or graphical content. The channels are not huge either (2-3 pages of dicussions). If I switch between Activity/Chat, the delay is a bit longer.

On more than 60 computers, only one has such issue. Temp solution is to use the web version.

Use the web version of Teams until it's resolved.

Can someone link me to the web version? I can't find it through google or the MS site.

Any news on the performance issues? We experience this in the desktop clients for Windows and Mac. Switching from tab to tab (e.g. acitvitiy to teams) or even between channels in the same team takes anything from 1-2 seconds for loading the respective conversation.


If you are working on multiple teams, this is very annoying and does not fare well in a direct comparison to Slack, which we are still using in parallel until Teams can be used with external users (e.g. clients), too.


We like Teams and want to push it, but UX like this makes it a hard sell.

Same issue here - affects everyone on our team.
Affects everyone on Windows 7 Enterprise and Windows 10

Switching conversation topics, clicking reply button, etc.. pretty much every major action takes 1-2 seconds to complete once you click the button

We have the same issues, and we're heavy Teams users.  We dumped HipChat once Teams added codeblock support.  But the slow load times and UI issues make it sometimes painful to use. Tried tweaking some settings, but no change in performance. Most of the time, it takes 3-5 minutes to get to a login prompt, but then occasionally it comes up quickly. Frustrating...

I was wondering if it is just our bandwidth that cannot handle it. The desktop client is sometimes veeerryy slow We're using the Education version and apps like Assignments sometimes take ages to load. I have not tested the speed of the browser based client. Do you find that it responds faster?

You may find this Bandwidth Calculator for Microsoft Teams helpful,