Using website tab to link to document folder from another site is great except for one thing!

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I have tried many of the options to add a document folder from another site to teams, and the best option i have settled on is using the website tab for the following reasons:

  1. I want to go straight to a folder, not top level library, so just using URL to the folder works perfectly
  2. I want to see the metadata in teams
  3. I want to edit the metadata in teams - edit in grid, and information panel work when using website tab, but not other options
  4. I want to use views

All of these things work great when using the website tab, the big issue I have though is if you open a document from a folder linked this way and view it within Teams (i.e. not in (doc) app) then there is no 'close' button to close the document and return to the folder you were viewing. This feature exists when the other options are used, and even if you click the teams 'back' arrow then you don't go back to the folder it goes back to the previous page that you were on. This is quite inconvenient for our company.

Please fix this Microsoft, or if anyone knows what I am missing here please let me know.


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