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Just experimenting with the Issues app. We run multiple retail locations and would want to have the same issue templates for each location but ensure that data is locked down so that one location cannot see another location's issues. 


I tried installing the the issues app to multiple teams but this means that in order to ensure consistency you have to manually enter all the data relating to the issue template in the new team. The ideal scenario would be:


  • Issue templates are the same across the company
  • Tasks and resolution statistics are location specific


Is there another way to do this that can save me time?





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Hi @shaheedfazal

Issues is a Dataverse for Teams App, like Employee Ideas, Perspectives or Profile+.

It would have to be installed in multiple teams because Dataverse for Teams apps aren't supported in private channels so you can't segregate them within a single team otherwise others would see the data. I am sure you have probably tested that.

A quicker way in terms of the issue templates would be

1.) After install modify the correct table in Excel. If you do this with excel you should be able to cut and paste the templates in and reupublish back to the app

2.) You could try and edit the app in Power Apps to include more templates, export it and import it back in as a custom app.

I have tried 1 and it's quite easy. Sure, you would have to connect to different apps in different teams but essentially it would be a cut and paste job - would save quite a bit of time having to add them all manually.

Hope that answers your question. You need Power Apps in Teams, Excel and doing this should automatically add the Power Apps Excel Add In.

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard thanks for the reply. This is a really good suggestion. In researching how to resolve this issue, I also came across @RezaDorrani's video highlighting the share with colleagues feature that has been rolled out earlier this year. See


Hope you find this useful. 

Yes, the broad distribution scenario I think is supported for all Dataverse for Teams apps. See one of my blogs

I know Reza personally. Spoke with him at Build this year. He does great stuff and we are both part of internal groups with Microsoft.

Well I am glad I managed to answer your question. If I did please set a like and mark as best response one which managed to answer it.

All the best, Chris