Using Teams without sending out an email to my entire company

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I introduced Microsoft teams to my department, as the Planner App and chat functions made it easy to keep track of jobs on the go as well as parts ordering (I work in a repair facility with my department focused on "Off Road/On-site repairs". We are a young, small, company and did not have and IT guy install this for us, I simply googled the free app and downloaded to everyones phones/computers. However, whenever I make any update, comment, or task in Planner, it sends a notification email to everyone in the company directory (even those not using teams). Is there a way I can turn off email notifications all together, not just for me but completely?


Thank you ahead of time!

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@Tyler15 Hi, see this page as it (the table) explains what you can and can't turn off.


'Stay on top of tasks and plans with email and notifications'