Using Teams with Externals

Joseph Nierenberg

Hello. I'm an admin and user, somewhat techy but not an IT person. There appears not to be a Teams channel in the MSFT support community (, so I hope that this channel is hospitable to nonexperts. My questions:

1. Do I need to, or should I, add an external collaborator in AAD before adding them to Teams?

2. Is it possible to use Teams to chat with an external w/o creating a team to add them to, similar to SfB, or is "the team" central to all of Teams' other functionality?

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Hi Joseph,


Thanks for submitting your question! We are all 100% hospitable to non-experts and will try to help as far as possible.


1.) I would recommend this ( and this great article by Petri which will show you how to add external users to Teams ( As it will confirm, you do not need to add in Azure AD before adding to Teams. Azure AD can control the guest experience ( and the Teams and Skype Admin centre on whether you can turn it on or off ( 


2.) You can do this with other Teams organisations - see here at


Hope that helps and answers your questions.


Best, Chris

The only thing you should care is just to verify guest users access is enabled in the tenant
You can also use the chat feature without creating a team
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