Using Teams in a room (not 'Teams Rooms' and not a 'Breakout Room')

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This is about a team of people that uses Teams in a real room room with real tables and real chairs without using a "Teams Breakout Room" virtual room and without special equipment in the room therefore it's not a Teams Rooms scenario but rather it's a team using Teams in a room - clear as mud? 

* We have a meeting room with a regular PC that folks (I won't call them team members here) can log in to if that suits what they are doing (hosting a meeting and presenting a PowerPoint, etc.) - the regular PC display is large and wall mounted for all to see and there is a webcam and bluetooth microphone/speaker connected

* Well after this physical meeting room was setup, our folks started to use MS Teams 

* The equipment in the room isn't special and it has a regular keyboard and it doesn't have a special touch screen panel, therefore we can't use "Microsoft Teams Rooms" in that room 

* But we regularly have day long meetings that might begin with person A and person B in the room and then an hour later they will walk out of the room and person C and person D will walk in to replace them and continue with the online MS Teams meeting 

* As none of our people will be in the physical room for the whole meeting, none of them want to be the person that logs in and uses their account to launch Teams (because they'll need to leave the room at various points in the meeting and therefore they don't want to login with their user account)


* So the area I need help with is this:

- It seems that "Teams Rooms" is a special confluence of equipment and licensing, we don't have the right equipment to use "Teams Rooms"

- Is there a way to simple have a Teams Resource account for a room, so that we can log the computer in as the resource account, launch Teams and then find a Teams meeting link, without needing a paid M365 user account for the room?

- It needs to be a setup such that users A, B, C and D can walk into and out of the room as they please without worrying that the other users can assess their user account while they are out of the room


This might seem blindingly obvious to some, but I've just read dozens of online Microsoft pages that seem to contradict each other.

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@Inaurukun Hi, if your business require full Teams functionality you will need to assign a license to the resource account. Can't really see any other solution here. You could of course set up a Teams free org. for this purpose but it seems a bit cumbersome to be honest.