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We use teams extensively for employee communication. I know that Teams offers a lot of additional functionality through add-on apps, but I don't really have any experience in this area, and was hoping that someone could offer advice.


Our issue is as follows; currently when an employee becomes available for a work assignment they message one of the project-managers. Their are many employees, multiple Project-managers, and we have no good way of keeping on-top of who is currently working, who is waiting for work, and who has just been assigned work.

We would like some sort of dashboard that will show project-managers employee status; busy, available, available soon (and perhaps more info.)

We could use a sharepoint excel table, or loop component, but we don't want the employees to see the status of all other employees, this info. should only be visible to the managers. The employee should only be able to update their own status.


Their are probably many ways to create this (including a custom-built solution), but is their any way to use existing functionality built into teams to implement this? As mentioned, we are already using Teams all the time, so it would be real efficient for us to have this integrated instead of bringing in a whole new platform.


Any advice appreciated.

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Hi @ys-315 ,


You can  create a dashboard in Microsoft Teams for tracking employee statuses.

Create a SharePoint list in SharePoint to track employee statuses, including columns for name, status, and additional information. Set permissions to restrict access to project managers.


Then ,Add the SharePoint list as a tab in your desired Teams channel by selecting "SharePoint" from the "+" icon and choosing the list from your SharePoint site. Configure list views and filters in SharePoint to display only the logged-in user's status. Create additional views for different criteria like availability.

Inform all the employees to update their own status either by accessing the SharePoint list.


By integrating Teams and SharePoint, project managers will be able to access a private dashboard in Teams to view employee statuses. 




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It looks like this is the solution, I figured there was someone to do it through the Microsoft platform, but didn't know about SharePoint lists. Thank you for your clear and detailed answer.

"Configure list views and filters in SharePoint to display only the logged-in user's status. Create additional views for different criteria like availability." Can anyone give any insight as to how to go about this. I believe I have everything correct so far. I have not added our employees to the Teams channel yet as I am still working on the list. I do have the employee names listed but they are not really in a format for a filter to be able to know what to display for them if I have it set to only display their own name. I hope I am explaining that in a way that is understandable. Any help is greatly appreciated!