Using tasks within the Channel UI

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I have a unique use case as we are currently transitioning from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365. 


In Google Rooms, we have a threaded chat UI, which integrates tasks into the chat it self. So when a member creates a task, it is displayed as a thread in the chat, and we can discuss the task in the thread. Once completed, we just need to tick off the task within the thread, and the thread updates to show the user that completed the task. A list of tasks can be viewed in a separate tab. 


I am trying to duplicate this within teams. If one member creates a task, I would like it to be displayed as a separate thread within the channel chat, and if possible have an option to 'tick' (complete) the task within the chat itself. A bonus would be if the thread updates itself with the final reply being the person who completed the task. Is this something that is possible?


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Any one has any experience here?