Using separate video and audio input

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I would like to use a laptop camera for input on a Teams meeting, but use the conference telephone in the room for audio.  The audio pickup on a video camera is limited and does not do an adequate job of picking up voices at the far end of the conference room table.


Is this possible and if so, what are the instructions?

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You can select different audio source when joining Teams meeting by selecting 'phone audio' this will prompt you to input a phone number (this could be the conference phone in the room) or if you have Dial-in Bridge (Audio Conferencing) in your teams meeting you could just dial-in to the meeting bridge from the conference phone.


supply the conference phone number and Microsoft Teams service will call back the conference phone.

Or if you wish to dial-in manually click on the option below.


Dial-in manually will expose the conference bridge number from the meeting for you to manually call in to the meeting from the conference phone.



Hope this help!