Using OBS virtual camera on Teams messes up aspect ratio especially on mobile - how to fix this?

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I hope someone here could guide me in the right direction... Our organization is trying to spice up our Teams webinars. We have a small streaming studio with four cameras, ATEM mini extreme iso, Rotem, green screen and OBS studio at hand. The idea is that our experts don't have to sit in front of a laptop. All they have to do is control the slides of their Powerpoint presentation with the use of a remote controller while an assistant runs the stream through Atem or OBS.


Now here's the problem: for some reason, Teams messes up the aspect ratio of the output from both OBS and Atem. It's relatively easy to try and fix this issue in OBS by scaling the aspect ratio. However, there doesn't seem to be an universal solution that works on Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Teams and Teams mobile alike. I have to run several tests on several different browsers and laptops to try and estimate how much I have to scale down in order for the output to still look good on most common devices and browsers. It's really frustrating, not exact enough and time consuming.


Any idea how I could guarantee a solid quality regardless of the device or browser the participant is using? I have quite a bit of trouble with Teams mobile in particular. When presenting a Powerpoint the traditional way it works as it should but when it's presented through OBS as a webcam output the view is super tiny, as the webcam view on mobile isn't big to begin with.  How can I guarantee that the output from OBS looks good on mobile as well? The solution can't be something that requires effort from the participants (like pinning the webcam or fitting the webcam to screen) as a bulk of our participants are often elders and aren't very tech savvy. 


Thank you so much for your help, this is driving me up the wall!

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