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We are using Microsoft Teams as a replacement for Skype for Business. I wanted to start testing the Phone feature.  I was already part of Office E5 (i.e. Phone System license). I then added the Domestic Calling Plan Trial to our subscription then under Teams Admin, I requested a phone number and assigned it to myself.   I have since gone back to the Teams Client but I still do not have the option to dial a number or see the number pad to use to call as illustrated in online images; nor do I see that it lists my contact number.  Am I missing a step?     In the trial, I am just using MS as a cloud Phone system. 


There was a mentioned that these services can take 24 hours to sync which I am pretty close to that time now.  Is it possible, that it really takes 24 hours and I just have to wait it out? 


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From a mobile phone (or other phone outside of Teams) can you dial the number you assigned to yourself? Have you checked in the web client? 


The 24 hours can some times take more than 24 hours.

Did not think about calling the number but yes that does work. I did try the web client as well as the client for iOS and neither was showing the number pad. 


That being said, I just got this, so maybe that is the cause.


Microsoft Teams service alert

Incident information

Title: Dial pad issues in Teams
ID: TM205715
Start time: Friday, March 6, 2020


Service Degradation

User impact

Users may be unable to access the dial pad or perform specific actions using the dial pad in Microsoft Teams.

Thank you,
The Microsoft 365 team



 @Linus Cansby 

Typical that they have that problem when you are trying.


If you get the call into your client you probably done everything right, If it doesn't work after the weekend start a support case with Microsoft. 

Sign off and back into Teams, this usually has some success. Also, you'll want to check your upgrade mode for yourself. If you are on not on Teams only mode, and in Islands or another your dial pad will not come up in Teams.