Using Microsoft Teams to create and manage teams in a diary

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Good Morning,


I am looking into whether can use Microsoft Teams in our organisation to replace our current solution. We are a landscaping and gardening company that need to be able to organise weekly diaries for all our gardening teams that consist of a van, driver and team member who will visit various customers throughout the day.


We need to be able to do the following;


  • Create 'gardening' teams that we can assign to a customer in a shared diary
  • Under each diary slot contain information such as; customer, name, task, tools required and address, so the gardening teams have the required information for each job
  • Customers can be saved so that we can select them each time, assign a gardening team and then add to the diary. We don't want to have to manually add details in each time for customer when adding to the dairy
  • Clear view of the weekly, monthly calendar of bookings so managers, teams and employees can see what customers booking they have each day and plan accordingly. It's really important that there is a view-able calendar, at the top level so the manager at a view can get a rough idea of everyone whereabouts through the day.

Are these things possible in Microsoft Teams?


Kind regards




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Hi Trevor,


You've got quite a few elements in your description that are quite specific to your business, the only specific business use case the Microsoft support is more of an appointment booking solution through Microsoft Bookings. I think to meet your requirements I would consider using the PowerApps service provided as part of Office 365 to build something that meets your needs exactly. PowerApps lets people build their own user experiences on top of the Office 365 services without extensive development experience, most people who could build macros in Excel could build an application in PowerApps. PowerApps can be added as tabs in Microsoft Teams, and you could develop your app to post information into a Teams conversations as you required. Behind the scenes you would probably store your list of clients, teams and then booking in SharePoint lists within your team. It sounds like a fun project for about a week of development.


If development was really out of the question, then using Planner through Teams would get you some of the way. With Planner you could create a task for each of your jobs and assign Team members to each task. Maybe using tags to indicate equipment etc. There's a calendar view so you can see when tasks start and complete etc.





I second what Steven says. Teams isn't the solution but you could stitch some form of combination of other 365 services to build out a solution to handle it and serve it up through Teams. SharePoint lists may even be enough to handle this as well with calendar views available on the list data as long as you have a few date columns etc. But PowerApps is definatley 'Powerful' < Pun.
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