Using Microsoft Teams for schools

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When using microsoft Teams for classes I have come across a few issues I was hoping people could iron out for me:

1. When trying to create an assignment from work in the 'Teams' files - it only allows me to see 6 teams to take resources from. I teach multiple classes and therefore I have multiple teams

2. In those 6 teams I have asked someone to remove me from (so it doesn't show up) but still it is these

3. I have changed a teams name - but this isn't changing it anywhere else only in the Teams homescreen - and I am the only one in that group (I use it to keep all my files in one place so I can later distribute them to different teams)

4. It won't let me set assignments in one team which I have used in another - it constantly says theres been an error.

5. It keeps kicking me out - even though the internet is not an issue.


I have more questions - but these are the more pressing ones


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Hi @rlounds


Can you please create a ticket request in EDU Support for us to fully answer these questions. 



Gabi Stein