Using hyperlinks in Powerpoint shows (ppsx) in Teams

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We're sharing powerpoint shows in our MS Team. We chose this format, so that users do not get the edit options for the slides. The slides can contain hyperlinks, both to websites as to docs uploaded to our Team. Somehow, they don't work when a .ppsx document is opened in MS Teams. If we use the normal Powerpoint document format, the links do work.

I would like to get the slides in show-mode, and the hyperlinks to work. How can I achieve that?

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Hi @arjantupan

Do the hyperlinks work if a user opens the ppsx file in PowerPoint as opposed to opening it within Teams itself?

Sounds like a restriction of Teams but wanted to check first

Best, Chris

It appears that if I upload a .ppsx file to my Teams channel file tab, then get the link, then desire to place it into a PowerPoint tab, Teams will not allow me.  What is the recommend approach for playing .ppsx files within a Team channel, especially if we have the link?



This also happens to me even when I embed files to the PPT and export (with the folder of docs to reference) to ppsx. Must be a permissions issue.

Ahh man this is disappointing. My Finance department was going to fully integrate a powerpoint display to the share with Management. Microsoft Support any chance this is in the pipeline?!
Small detail major impact.  @arjantupan 

@arjantupan We're having the same issue - do you know how to solve this? / did you find any solution?

@arjantupan Did you ever get a resolution to this? I also am having the same issue, I can add the ppsx to the channel but when you open it the hyperlinks do not work within MS Teams. Any insights? Thanks!

I'm having the same issue and really need a resolution. I use PPSX because it preserves the formatting when showing in Teams, while the formatting changes slightly (some text runs off the slide for no apparent reason) when I view the original PPTX files in Teams.