Using Embed feature in Microsoft Teams in a post

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I'm trying to use the embed feature of a post in Teams. What I'm trying to do is to just embed a YouTube <iframe> code in a post, exactly like what you can do in SharePoint, so I can see the video directly in my post. If I copy and past the youtube video embed code on a sharepoint page it will show me the video but if I do the same thing on a post in Teams using HTML it doesn't do anything. Does anyone know If I'm doing anything wrong?

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@Roozbeh  That option just formats code so it's readable - it doesn't actual run it.

If you are doing this manually (not through a coded post from another app), try using the YouTube connector instead. If you don't see the YouTube icon under the conversation, click on the . . . menu and add it/pin it from there. 




Yes, like Robin said this is probably the best way to go!

@Robin Nilsson We have no YouTube connector. Embed feature is so basic. Prefer that to avoid exactly this type of problem. Sad.

Where is the YouTube connector available? I don't have it here either.


Try adding the connector to the team - for me, if I click the . . . menu under the conversation, you can click on the 'more apps' and search for YouTube. 

You can also add apps to a team via . . . menu on the team name > manage team > apps tab


The app gives you the ability to easily add to a post, or you can add a video as a channel tab.

Companies can turn off applications, so that may be a problem. And I'm not sure if it's available in Edu or GCC tenants - I don't follow their limitation.

Nope, it's not available for GCC tenants. I forgot that tiny detail *facepalm*. We don't have YouTube, WebEx, Freehand, and many...many more.

Can I use the YouTube Connector to post other iFrame code, that is not from YouTube?


Mark -

@mark_wh Can we use the embed feature in Sharepoint, then display the video in Teams via a Sharepoint tab? This is the work around for displaying a Sway. 

@Robin Nilsson The youtube plugin just does not find the video I try to put there. No matter what I look for a lot is on the list but the one I want. Even if I give the exact link, It will show other videos.  It is so frustrating. What is going on?

Out of interest Peyto, can you at least post the direct link to a Youtube video into your chat? The Youtube App is a bit of a waste of time unless your team members are the kind who will click on links you suggest. I wanted (like to OP) to have the video playable directly in a chat. TEAMS doesn't do that.
Yes, I can ,no problem. It will remain a link but clickable, so that is not a problem. I only want to do it nicely, showing the cover picture.

@Petyo Because you have to look for the exact title name of your video to insert it via Youtube app. Do not paste the link.



@ValeCapetillo I know, but even that way it would not give a hit sometimes. It is like a censorship. I am working in IT, I tried many things believe me.