Using Do Not Disturb to suppress notifications in Teams

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Some of you may have had that moment, when you are presenting and have a banner notification rudely interrupt you with some not so safe for work messages :). Outside of quitting Teams or turning off all your notifications, you really didn't have any options previously to suppress these pop ups.


Now with the latest presence updates that are currently rolling out, the Do Not Disturb status has come to the rescue. When presenting if your status doesn't auto switch to a DnD status, you can switch  your status to Do Not Disturb which will suppress your Teams notifications until you turn it off! Previously you could use this, but the presence didn't work correctly and it would always switch back to available when it detected activity and you would end up getting banner notifications anyway. 


Below is a snippet I sent out to my organization about using Do Not Disturb and how to set it when presenting. Keep in mind this won't be true for everyone until the latest presence updates are on your tenant "Out of Office/Chat Contact Groups".  Using "Focus Assist" with Windows 10 will be a another alternative once that gets released, until then Do Not Disturb is the quick easy option! 


Let me know if you have any questions!



Do not Disturb - If you set your status to "Do not Disturb" this now will keep you in that mode and not switch back to available like it did previously before the update. You can use this status when you are focusing on a project and do not want to get notification popups from Teams. You can also use this status to prevent pop-up distractions from Teams during presentations!

You can set your status to "Do not Disturb" by doing the following:



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Shouldn't it be an option to set as Do Not Disturb instead of Busy when in a meeting?

Yes, is there a way to set Teams so that it would go automatically to Do Not Disturb when in a meeting (or even when presenting) instead of busy?


I love Teams, but I hate these pop-ups during meetings.

Why can't the Teams software just work in accordance to Apple OS's "do not disturb" functionality and reduce a step for users to go into DND mode? It seems to block every other app from popping up except Teams.

They are actually working on it, no official ETA. But it's def. going to support it at some point!

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@Chris Webb  all when we joined team meeting it disables windows notification and toast notifications.

@Chris Webb  all when we joined team meeting it disables windows notification and toast notifications. any idea

Yeah, when you have a scheduled Teams meeting it now puts you in DND, you can tell based on the icon of the presence, the Read with the white dash in it means DND.

@Chris Webb i changed to available but still no notifications

hi @Deleted we're running into the issue, that you can't change your status in the mobile Teams app, from Out of Office (based on a calendar event with that status) to Do not Disturb. This can be done via the desktop Teams client, but it does not sync through the mobile app 🤷‍:male_sign:

Far as I can tell custom status still isn’t in the mobile app so until that happens it’s still Probabaly going to work the way it did on the desktop prior to it which was not being able to change out of office status. I’ve seen screenshots of custom status via mobile so I know it’s coming st some point and hopefully it also allows mobile to switch out of office status like you can on desktop.

@Chris Webb thanks for your reply! 
It's really difficult to educate users the right way in how to use their presence in Outlook and Teams nowadays. We have a handful customers using PhoneSystem(cloudpbx) with Teams. One might expect that they don't receive calls when their calendar is set to, Out of Office. Nope, in order to not receive incoming phone calls, you need to set your presence to DND.

Yeah that’s some feedback we brought up to Microsoft that calls need some of their own quiet time settings etc. hopefully they listen ;). But your right call routing / alerting needs some improvements.

I can’t remember does setting quiet time in Teams not suppress calls? Might be the route to take when in vacation.

@Chris Webb  Nope, quiet times, only blocks notifications. Calls do come through. Best way for vacation is to sign off at this moment 🤞🏼

@Chris Webbdo you know if there are any planned updates regarding the presence. No info visible on the roadmap.

Can you be more specific? They’ve been making some updates to things here and there.

@Chris Webbyes I can :)
-presence sync between desktop app and mobile, sometimes works instant, but not every time. Do you perhaps know what the amount of minutes/delay can be?
-unable to change presence on mobile device to DnD in case a calendar appointment has the status Out of office
-when presenting, presence is set to Presenting, but still receive incoming phonecalls.
-when having a appointment schedules and my presence it set to Busy, still receive incoming phonecalls.

I can tell you the first 3 are being worked on. The last item thou that's expected behavior, busy is not DnD and don't expect that to change. Would be a nice uservoice entry thou being able to set your phone to only ring when available or something like that.

@Chris Webbgreat to hear, that the first 3 items are in progress :crossed_fingers:

i've added it to a current UserVoice post,

@Deleted I'm not sure if this is intented or not but. You can break through a Do Not Disturb & Mute when using the "Important" and "Urgent" messages. This can be annoying as sometimes you're presenting for an audience and really do not want any pop-ups. Is the only solution then to shut down teams?