Using 'Assignments' in the standard version of Teams

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Teams for Education includes the 'Assigments' feature.

Is there any way to activate this for the standard version of Teams? I'd be interested in using this in our organisation.

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Hi Daniel,

The assignments app is unfortunately only available in EDU tenants.

What exactly are you trying to accomplish?

If it’s more related to tasks you could always have a look at Planner or one of the integrated project apps like Trello.

Otherwise I would suggest uservoice.


Hi @Deleted,

Thanks for the confirming. I was looking at the timeline view, and the fact that you could release information as a package (assignment). I was looking for something like this to run an internal training project. I'll look into other options.



Hi @Daniel Osborn,

You may want to consider LMS365 which integrates with Microsoft Teams

This contains content and module builders which sounds like what you are looking for (similar to assignments)

Hope that helps answer your question!

Best, Chris
Thanks for the pointer, I'll check it out.