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Hi guys,
one excuse first: I am from Germany so please excuse my rusty English and my German auto correct aswell


Heading towards Christmas, I am responsible for the organisation of the Christmas party within our company. Due to the corona lock down here in Germany, we are forced to hold it in a virtual way. The chosen platform is Microsoft Teams. So, I created a special channel with some sub channels therefore. Unfortunately, the problem occurred that there is no possibility of changing the background in the chat.  (I dont mean the background during a video call). Do you have any idea how to fix that? Additionally, i would be very thankful, if you could tell me a way how to put (auto playing) music into this channel.
Thank you for your help in advance and keep helping newbies like me please. ;)

Greetings Philipp

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Hi Philipp - this article may help you with playing sounds in a meeting or live event.  There is however no means of adding a background into the chat window I'm afraid.  You may add GIF's and Emojis into the chat but you may not set a background.

@PeterRising Thank you for your fast and helpful response unless it doesnt help me with my issue :(

@PeterRising Could u send me the article (it is automatically translated in german in that way) for the sound problem again? :) Cant find it in your comment somehow :)
tahnk you :)

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My apologies - I forgot to post the actual link.  Here it is -


@PeterRising I am not a native speaker but I guess you help me a lot, so there is no need for excuses at all. Thank you very much :)
Best greetings