Users unable to access client's teams chat after lapsed trial of Teams.

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Please i need your help on this issue.


The users are also unable to access the teams chat from another organization - We communicate with that organization using Teams since before we activated our Teams trial and all of our employees could access the other org's chat fine.

Now that we have activated and lapsed our trial, we can no longer do that. Instead we end up stuck in some weird sign-up and sometimes can work around it by directly linking to a message in Teams from the other organization (which allows us access again, but it's far from an elegant solution.



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Can you please check the external communications configuration for the other organization users are current. Additionally if you mean by the subscription was lapsed when did you activated your subscription? Did you do that after 30days? If yes then then all the content would be lost for the existing chat.

Your organization users will require to request the other organization users to add then back to your tenant.

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Hello @Satish2805 


Thank you for your reply.


To clarify; we *can* access our client's Teams server (That's the one labeled Deviation Games (Guest)), but this prompt (or one similar asking us to change accounts) keeps popping up.


If we select Continue then we go to the Deviation Games teams server which is where we want to go by default.


I don't know why we're being told that we don't have access to the Final Strike Games org (that would be ours, and we are not intending on using it internally, and have it disabled on our end.)