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With a lot of users working from home is there a way to get an audit log to know when the users change the status of their availability, away, busy, etc..? Trying to see if there is a way to view timeline on this instead of looking at it live.


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Hi @Pham_Danh 


Getting User Presence Logs from Microsoft Teams is not available in Reports. 


Here is the Article for which reports are available in Office 365


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@Pham_Danh   - Did you happen to find a way to do this yet? 

@Pham_Danh Hi,


Did you find a way to do this?



@RealTime_M365 If there is no built in report to do this, is it possible using APIs?

Answering myself.  This is now possible using the graph api with a query like id guid......./presence



@yowl00 do have the specific link? The posted link is no longer working.

Go to Graph Graph Explorer - Microsoft Graph
Type "Presence" into the Sample Queries search in the left hand menu

@JonAnderson this provides the current presence, but do you know if there is a way to retrieve historical presence changes? With either this or Purview?

@_madi_ Any luck with this please?

Teams does not record historical presence, as you may imagine the vast majority of employers and employees would not want Teams presence to be used to monitor employee attendance.