Users cannot call from Teams

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I have a brand new setup and I assigned a M365 Business Voice licence and Communication Credits to my users.


I have an autoattendant setup, with Extension dialing. Incoming calls work fine through the central company number.


However, for outgoing calls I have a problem. My users cannot dial a number in Teams when they go to the Calls section.


What am I missing?

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Hi @aferland , when did you assign phone numbers to your users? It can take several hours till outbound call features are available after assigning license and phone number. In most cases inbound call routing is already enabled and working after assigning the required license.

To check and validate your current setup:

- Tenant or users are in Teams Only Mode

- Emergency address is created, linked with phone number and asigned to users

- users have assigned phone system licence and calling plans


Set up Calling Plans - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs

@Thorsten Pickhan I didn't assign a number to my users. I was expecting that the outgoing calls would automatically be done through the company "main" number.


Do I need to assign an individual number to my users? How can I make it so outbound calls are "routed" through the company main number?

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Hi @aferland, that is the best and supported way ;) Yes. Please assign individual phone numbers to your users. For outbound calls you can create a Caller ID policy and assign them to your users. In the Caller ID policy you can define a service number from your Teams phone number block as outbound number.

You can find more details how to configure a caller Id policy here

Manage caller ID policies in Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs

@Thorsten Pickhan  Thank you!