Users can't plan meetings when Teams were created through PowerShell

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I had to roll out a bunch of Teams for my school. Since it was a lot, I decided to do this through PowerShell. I scripted this to get all values from an Excel document I prepared and I used the following command to create the Teams through PowerShell: New-Team -DisplayName $DisplayName -Description $Description -Template EDU_Class -MailNickname $MailNickName -Owner $Owner


When one of our teachers (who's the owner of the Team) tries to schedule a meeting, he/she gets the following error message: 




This appears when they try to schedule the meeting in Teams itself:




Or when they use the calendar function in the Teams app:




This is so for all the Teams I've created through PowerShell. If I created the Teams by hand, the users don't get this message, and everything works fine. Have I done something wrong? And more importantly, how can I fix this?


If they go to Outlook, Calendar and they schedule a Teams meeting from there, everything works fine. But this workaround is not well received by our staff.




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