User unable to join scheduled Teams meeting if lobby is required

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A users is not able to join scheduled Teams meeting if the lobby requires admission.  This only occurs on the user's laptop and only with the Desktop application.  If the user is added as an organizer or is allowed to bypass the lobby, the users joins without an issue.

When the user attempts to join a meeting, all other participants can see the user's video and hear the users audio, but the users only sees the join screen and is never let into the meeting.

Teams and Office 365 have been completely uninstalled and re-installed using both the 64bit and 32bit version.  The user was granted Administrators access. The Teams cache has been cleared multiple time.  The OS (Windows 10), Office 365, and drivers are up to date.  The only thing we haven't tried yet is rebuilding her Dell XPS 9510 (purchased last January).


The user can join meetings from other laptops/devices and from the Teams Web App on the 9510.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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@DERP_ITM Do you disable the lobby when you create the meeting?  There are lots of articles online on  how to do that.  Here's one: Disable Meeting Lobby Entrance Notification - Microsoft Community

If the lobby is disabled on a scheduled Teams meeting, this user is able to join. We can't ask external entities to disable the lobby every time. With that said, I may have found a resolution. I added an external webcam/mic and the user is able to join test meeting where they couldn't with the built in webcam/mic on the Dell XPS 9510. It may be a hard ware driver issue.

I'll update this once it testing is complete and the user is able to join an external meeting without issue. I'll also contact Dell.