User renamed on AD, name not updating in Microsoft Teams.

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Hey all, hope you're all well.


I've got a user who's AD account has been renamed (stephen.hawkes to steve.hawkes).  This has been synced to Azure AD and reflects correctly in and on the Azure portal.


However, in Microsoft Teams he continues to be shown as Stephen not Steve. Two days after the rename.  I've forcibly signed him out of all sessions to ensure he's logging in fresh, but he still shows as Stephen.


Anecdotally I've read in various forums (including here) that it can take Teams several days to pick up account changes such as the display name, profile picture, etc.  Why is this?  What can I do about it?  More importantly what are Microsoft doing about it? It's really poor.



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There are multiple syncs that need to happen on the backend, and there's nothing you can do until they complete. Then, there is the client cache factor, which might add additional delays. If you can see the new name in the Teams admin center, you can assume the backend sync is done, so you can try clearing Teams cache or open a private session in the browser.

@Vasil Michev 

We recycle accounts for temporary student employees which involves changing the display name.  For some members of our Team, these updates are reflected in the Teams experience once all the syncs etc. have taken place.  For some members of the Team, the display name is stuck on the old values.  In attempts to resolve this we have:

  • Restarted Teams (numerous times)
  • Stopped Teams, deletes all Teams cache files, restarted Teams
  • Removed these accounts from the Team, added them back in.
  • Removed these accounts from the Team, removed them from chat history, added them back in.

    This is a 20 member Team and the new display names update immediately for some, update after an extended period (several days) for others, never update for a few of us.

It seems like a minor thing but it is frustrating to have to have a post it note that says:






I'm experiencing an identical issue. Students sign in under my organizational tenant as guests, and all students see the correct names. As reported in Vasil's earlier response, the initial backend sync has not been made as all users still show student IDs under members and guests.

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@D0ugW  This issue is resolved for me.  I had tried a number of things including things suggested by Microsoft tech support (see my previous post).  Another team member suggested that I sign out of Teams and sign back in.


After doing this, the display names appear correctly on all my devices.


I don't understand the mechanism for this or why "Sign Out" had different impact than "Quit", but I am glad that this nuisance behavior is fixed for me.

I'm still having this same issue. Signing out and quitting teams doesn't seem to sync the display name up. There are a few team members who still have to see the incorrect names for accounts.
Thanks a lot, worked fine here!

When I first read Brian's solution, I thought the person's account that was not showing with updated details in MS Teams had to log out and back in again. This did not resolve the issue.
However, when I personally logged out of my MS Teams client app and back in again the problem account details were immediately updated. In this case it was the 'Job Title'.

I suspect there is a MS Teams client app caching issue that resolves once you log out and back in again. This is a bit frustrating as all users would need to log out and back in again to MS Teams for any user change to be displayed correctly to all users.

This worked in our situation as well. The OTHER users had to sign out, not quit, to get the updated name to show. Weeks had gone by and the others still didn't see the change. So yes this is a bummer when there are a lot of users that need to sign out.

It helps, but its not really a "fix" though is it.  Teams should be maintaining it's cache more intelligently and automatically and not relying on manual user actions like "Sign Out" just to get basic AD account details like name to update and display correctly.

Even a button in the teams menu for "Refresh Cache" would be better than going through the hassle of signing out and back in again.
I have been able to fix it myself after nothing below worked.
I have removed the user License in M365 and reassigned. logged out of MS Teams and logged back in. That fixed the issue

@Aravinda Rao If we remove License what if All Mails will be lost ?

Hey sorry for the long delay in my response...since it's m365 mailboxes will be in cloud and there will be no data loss