User receiving calls from queue when they have disabled themselves from the queue.

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Sporadically users will receive a call transfer from one of the queues they are configured for (a member of), the issue is that these users have disabled themselves from taking calls from queue (via their personal settings).

Any idea why they are still being presented calls for the auto attendant/queue?

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@BigFun the only way to allow a call agent to opt out of taking calls from a call queue is my turning on this feature in the call queue configuration. when you turn on that feature agent can disable receiving calls from the call queue.   




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@eliekarkafy   This is not the issue.   The issue is that calls are being presented to team members who have DISABLED themselves from taking calls from the queue.   They should not be receiving any calls from the queue.

what u mean Disabled themselves? how they disabled themselves from receiving calls from call queue?
They can toggle themselves as enabled/disabled by going to their SETTINGS>CALLS>CALL QUEUE>and toggle on/off the desired queue.
gotcha, what type of routing method are you using in this call queue and also the Presence-based call routing method is On ?