User profile picture doesn't sync, even though in Admin Portal is Updated

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I've got a really weird issue with a number of our users, we are updating their profile pictures through Office365. Everything works fine for every app except Teams. The Teams admin portal picks up the picture just fine but neither the web nor desktop version of the apps display the new picture. I cleared the cache on both and used a different PC to ensure it wasn't a caching issue causing the problem. Anyone come across this before?

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@JeffSher Hi, yes I've stumbled across it before and all we had to do was to sign out and back in manually (top right corner). In some cases it was necessary to wait a couple of days for it to synchronize properly. How does your environment look like? As you can see on this page the profile picture sync process isn't very straightforward

@ChristianBergstrom Yeah I signed in and out all that but it just won't update... After looking through a ton of forum posts seems like the best solution is just to apply the photo again and pray... Weirdly the only thing it doesn't apply on is client side Teams, admin side it applies and everything else like exchange, office portal all have the new picture, Teams client doesn't. ¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯