User not available for Presenter in Meeting Options - is specifically invited to the meeting

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I know that in order to be able to be selected as a presenter in the Meeting Options of a Teams meeting, you need to be specifically added by email to the meeting invitation.



  • We have a recurring meeting from a shared mailbox that has been updated to be a Teams meeting.
  • It was initially set up with DLs and when individuals accepted the meeting in Outlook, it then added their email addresses individually to the invitation.
  • One person did not show in the invite so we added him to the meeting invitation individually through Outlook.
  • Because we want to limit the presenters, we went into the Meeting Options and selected the option to choose presenters.
  • Everyone who was individually listed in the meeting invitation was available as a presenter except for anyone we add individually now. 

Because this is a very large meeting, we do not want to have to recreate it and even if we did, we are unsure of the behavior. The person who created the meeting on the Shared Mailbox has full access to it.


Is there something that we need to do to correct this issue? Is it because the recurring meeting was created prior to making it a Teams Meeting? Any help here would be greatly appreciated.


As an FYI, I am the Tier 3 support for Teams at my org but do not have access to the Admin panel.


Teams v1.3.00.30866

Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus v16.0.12527.21416

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Hi @Melissa True   go to 3:55 in this tutorial and you can see how to manually change one person from attendee to presenter (or vise versa) : 🧙‍:male_sign: Top 20 Microsoft Teams Meeting Tips & Tricks - YouTube

@ThereseSolimeno Thanks for the tip info. I am definitely aware of how to do this. The issue is that when I am selecting people in the meeting options prior to the meeting, the person I want to add to the meeting is not available to be selected. He has been individually added to the meeting invitation but does not show up in the drop-down to be selected.


Yes, he can be added during the meeting but this would have to be done for every meeting, every week, and it is not a feasible solution. We need to be able to do this from Meeting Options for all recurring meetings in the future.

Clearly I misunderstood your issue @Melissa True.  Perhaps another member of the community can help.

I do appreciate you responding @ThereseSolimeno. I am hoping that someone else does reply with assistance.

@Melissa True 


I am running into the same issue where some users/invitees are not available to select as a Presenter in Meeting Options.  However, in my case this is encountered immediately when setting up a new meeting.


I do not see any obvious difference between invitees that may cause this to happen.


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Hello @kfeindel,


Unfortunately, Microsoft was never able to "fix" the issue. However, there was an update that allows you to manage meeting settings through the Outlook invite. It pops out a separate window and that allowed me to add whomever was explicitly invited to the meeting as a presenter. 


I was able to pick the user that previously did not show up when changing meeting options through the web link from the invitation (which pops up a browser window with the options).


Also remember that you cannot set presenters if you have only invited people using a distribution list. You have to have added their name to the invitation individually. I still have people asking me if that was my issue, so I wanted to reiterate that it was not the issue.


This has also not happened on any other meeting I have had. All new meetings that we created similarly, allowed us to choose the people we wanted as presenters without issue. It was just this set of reoccurring meetings.


Hope your issue gets resolved, or you are able to do as I did and set them through the Outlook plugin meeting options.






@Melissa True 


Thanks for such a rapid response.  


Using the weblink for meeting options from the invitation worked perfectly!


Thanks again,