User not assigned audio conference number


Hi All,


  I have a user I licensed with M365 E5 who has not assigned an audio conference number.

I verified the user has the "Microsoft 365 Audio Conferencing" option checked on the "Licenses and apps" tab in the Microsoft 365 admin center.

Also via power shell and found MCOMEETADV Success.


But in Teams Audio Conferencing off?


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Hi @AusSupport180,


have you checked the docs guide to setup audio conferencing in Teams? Set up Audio Conferencing for Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs This might help to get the setup straigt?



@AusSupport180 In addition to the above. Go check directly under the user in TAC Manage Audio Conferencing settings for users - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs


If that still doesn't do it and this is the only user with the issue I would probably unassign the license and assign again.

Hi All,

I can see everything is correct but not sowing in MS Teams. Already tried unassign the license.

PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> get-CsOnlineDialInConferencingUser -Identity ""

RunspaceId : 028383d5-0b449-4343-8428-538358fe33
Identity : CN=a88173737-aa94-4aa1-87730-6b57146bebb2,OU=73757722772,OU=OCS Tenants,DC=lyncau52001,DC=local
SipAddress :
ServiceNumber : 61643668565
TollFreeServiceNumber :
ConferenceId : 0
BridgeId : d3sswrgegrth-ed91-4dg57-be62-64dgdhjjt885c
BridgeName : Conference Bridge
Tenant : zzzzzz-bfbb-ssss-9bsss-4b7a4xxxxx
AllowPstnOnlyMeetings : False
AllowTollFreeDialIn : True
LeaderPin : *****



Any Expert to give your thoughts?

As mentioned above. How does it look using TAC?