user name change - problems with receiving files

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I have changed user name in office 365. Unfortunately, in microsoft teams old name is visible, it is not possible to find new name by searching in teams and there is a problem with sending files via chat. The user with new name can send files and the receipient is abble to download them, by it works only in one direction. The user can see the files sent by others but it is not possible to download them.

Can you help?

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Open a support ticket and share ticket ID here!

Unfortunately in practice I have no support. I paid for Office 365 via internet and TV provider - UPC. I cannot create support ticket. When I try to crate it only telephone number to UPC appears. They do not reply to my messages. That is why I posted my problem.

What kind of Office 365 Subscription do you have?

Office 365 Business Premium for 8 users

Pretty sure you still get support with any active subscription. Anyway. Have you tried this on the web client and Teams.microsoft.com? I feel it’s probabaly just a client cache problem. You could also try to log out of your teams client and log back in. That usually resets cache.
Then you have for sure the ability to open support cases

Unfortunately not. I even called Microsoft and they confirmed that I have to contact UPC.

Yes, I tried web client, and I also tried to login and logout. Doesn't work.

How long have you waited? MS cloud services are known to either apply changes immediately or do the same change in 24+ hours.. I remember when i had to change the last name of a synced user via AD Connect and sending email address only changed next day. Although the other time it changed in 30 minutes (usual sync interval). Or you apply a Skype license and have to wait whole day sometimes to be able to edit its settings, but usually it appears in a few minutes. Or in Teams you enable ability to add new guests to org and it applies in 5 minutes, but when you disable it it only disables next day. I have many such examples.

2 days.

What exactly did you change? The user’s email? Display name? Name in Teams (which somehow seems different?)?

And where did you change it? Azure AD? Office 365 Admin?

Sorry for all the questions, but it might help us nail it down.

Office 365 Admin - active users. The new name is visible among users, also in Azure. E-mail account is ok. The only problem is with teams.

Well, unless you are able to share a support ticket ID or additional information, it's going to be difficult to help you on this issue

Ok, I have support ticket from UPC: TT0008204021

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