User missing in Teams Admin Center


Hey everyone, Got a scenario for anyone that has input. I have read a lot of past post and articles and still looking for a solution.



I have had PSTN license for a while. Back sometime last year, I setup Auto-Attendant, Call Queues, and everything else that comes with it, to do some testing. Everything was fine. 


Then last year, say around the end of the year, if you go into my team's admin center, I am missing the Auto-Attendant, Resource Accounts, and I think Call Queues sections. They were just missing from the admin Center. After removing my Voice licenes, Running PowerShell Scripts, and doing all the troubleshooting and stuff, I just could not get those sections to show up. Just a reminder, it was all setup and working, just missing the places in the admin center.


As a last resort, a month or so ago, I had to remove all licenes from my account, let it propagate, then add my licenes back. Started with my bundle licenses, and then added back my voice licenses, and after propagation, those sections in the admin center are back. So everything is fine at the moment.


This past week, I noticed I was getting a lot of Teams audio calls to my cell. So, I went into the Teams admin center and unassigned my number to my account, as I was going to add a new number to my account. After I unassigned my number, i go to assign a new number to my account, and My main user is not even in the Teams Admin Center now, under Users. All my other Test users are there, but not my user I want to assign a new number to. I cannot search for it, or use the filter, it is just not there. 

If I use PowerShell, it shows my account. Shows its licensed and everything.


So, Today, I am doing the same thing as I did before. I have removed all licenses from my account. I am getting ready to add my licenses back, but I should not have to do all of this.


Has anyone ran into stuff like this? I have read a lot of articles and post in here and all over, but I wanted to bring this back up as it is still a mistery why this is happening. 


Anyone have any ideas?

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