User Isn't Getting 1 of 3 Teams Notifications

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A specific User is owner of three teams: A, B and C and follows the General channel on all three teams.  I'm not aware of other user's having this issue and the majority only belong to one team.


TeamA and TeamB give the notifications when a plain ol' comment is posted.  Not a specific mention and not a chat.  It's just a comment posted on the General channel.


TeamC however does squat.  No pop-up notification in the lower right corner of the computer screen, no chime/banner on the phone.


If the User gets a specific mention all the notifications go off as expected.




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I’ve been having odd ball notification issues recently as well with sounds. I think they are messing with it and some recent updated caused some issues.

Thank you but I don't think it's them updating anything.


We Just tried removing the user from the Team and re-adding.


Same issue.  No pop-up notification on the computer, or her phone for just the one Team.