User can't access Private Teams Channels files

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I have a user who is a member of all private team channels (all on separate SharePoint sites). However, they are unable to access files to certain private teams channels. 


They receive this error message every time (see below). Clicking on 'Open in SharePoint' opens a web page and shows Access Denied. 


I've tried the following:

- re-adding the user a member 

- adding the user as an owner

- clearing Teams cache

- reset Teams

- reinstalled Teams

- signed out of account

- using different browsers

- using private/incognito mode


None of these have worked, and I've raised a ticket with Microsoft support, but they have been unhelpful, insisting that it's a permission issue. Even though, I did a remote session with them and showed that the user is a member of all private teams channels. 


Any advice/solutions would be great :)

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I have the same problem as you @MariaElevare 

I tried Teams on the web as well. No luck. Any news?

Hello @Petter Bjerke Falch,

there is a global Microsoft Teams service health issue in Microsoft Admin Center that could be connected to this issue.


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