Use Teams to replace Cisco Tele-Presence

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Use Teams to replace Cisco Tele-Presence

We would like to use Teams and decommission our Cisco video conference room equipment. We need to lock video from site A to display to site B and in turn have site B lock on site A.

Today the current video options allow multiple screens at one time and the conference room get reduced to either 50% or 25% depending on the number of participants that join from home or phone. We have two large offices in the US and this request is mainly for our executive team, key influencers and budget approvers.


so we have put this on voice please visit this and give your vote for this also if there is any alternative suggestion or concerns please let me know here.

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@PDostiyar there is the new option of video spotlight coming to the MTR if it’s not already there for you, but in your example it would only lock one video and not in turn lock the other side.  In my experience, a lot of customers have been asking just for the video spotlight feature as it was in the SRSv1 solution or the active speaker as their options, but I’m sure layout control is something that is being worked on.

@James Vaughan it should be there now in the latest update to Teams Rooms devices, each device can independently choose to lock the video to any other from the list of attendees on the device, that should allow you to achieve what you wish.

@James Vaughanyes you are right but what I am thinking is all the basic functions which users like and are used to should have been included in Teams since the way we look into it advance and more reliable version of the Skype for Business with more collaboration and systematic.

@PDostiyar there are very many features in Teams meetings that are not in Skype or other platforms.


1. Cloud based video recording

2. Background Blur

3. Dual mouse when giving control of a screen



In your scenario some kind of spotlight presenter feature wouldn't meet your requirement, there was only ever one spotlight which would show in all rooms. The current feature for each room to select a pinned video is a better solution.

@Steven Collieryou are totally right and I do accept this fact that Teams is much better than Skype but I wonder some of the basic and needy features of S4B should have been included in the Teams in the first stage like Spotlight, Whiteboard and some other minor ones,


I do accept that the background blur, could recording, the dual pointer of the mouse while sharing the screen and some of the other great features are out there in Teams this is why we are using Teams and asking for most of these basic features.



We need to lock video from site A to display to site B and in turn have site B lock on site A

Spotlight would not have done that though, if you Spotlight A then A and B would see A. You have something better now that each Teams Room can pick a video to pin which would achieve your requirement.


Whiteboard is here now as well, and it's 100% better than it was is Skype, a deep integration with a Microsoft Whiteboard that is very feature rich.




@Steven Collier 


Is that video lock feature coming to standard Teams clients as well?  It would go a long way to helping reduce our WebEx usage.

@Christopher Neuendorf there isn't anything announced about that yet, but it's a fairly safe assumption that people would like it.


There is a risk that it could get a bit creepy, imagine if someone tuned in to see only your video during a whole meeting, or imagine the entire meeting all just looking at the most senior person in the room all the time. It could get weird.

@Steven Collier 


Haha, totally agree with you there.  It's just something you've always been able to do on WebEx and we get a lot of our users asking us for the feature.. especially when you have just two rooms collaborting.  It would be a nice feature without having to have an official MTR. 


Now if I could just take a W10 PC and make it a MTR for a room without having to buy an expensive setup i don't need, that would work too.  A poor-mans MTR. :)

@Christopher Neuendorf I would suggest trialling a Teams Rooms system, and compare the user feedback with and without it. I implemented them in nearly 100 rooms at my last employer and the confidence that it gave my colleagues to know how to make a really good online meeting work in a room created a significant cultural change.

People used to book rooms far enough out to ensure that everyone could be at the same location, and we could see that there were no free rooms for 3-4 weeks typically. After implementing SRS (now renamed Teams Rooms) that started decreasing as people started seeing and experiencing people not there contributing equally, and the room availability came up to 1-2 weeks delay. This means that company was move 2x faster to make decisions, that's a huge saving in competative markets, so well worth the investment. 

Sure a standard old desktop PC might have saved us £1K per room, but the user expereince wouldn't have been the same, and I bet the benefit would not have been realised. It needs to be a small touchscreen display on the table, secure cable installation to avoid things falling out, proximity detection to sleep the device and screens etc. It's the combination that makes it work.

@Steven Collier You are absolutely right on each and everything you said this is why we love Teams and asking the community for to raise their questions and concerns as the team at Microsoft is hearing and bringing all the positive changes and their great MVPs like you Steven and all others are there to support and help us too!!!

Hi Everyone Thank you So much for either reading this, giving comments, or even voting for this as per the updates on this request created from our company this has been updated...


This is available to customers of our Room Systems in Teams meetings today – see the blog here.


once again it is about the user voice we have created in 2019 Thanks @Microsoft Team for listening to us..

Use Teams to replace Cisco Tele-Presence