Use Teams as VoIP SIP Softphone dialer

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as the subject says, we are wondering whether it is possible to configure Teams to use it as a VoIP SIP softphone dialer. If someone can link me to information about this. I have seen some paid services from other companies when doing a search over internet, but would like to know whether there are options to do it without external companies. The idea is to proportion accounts with this feature to our different clients so their agents can use it.


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Hi @Peaverin ,

if you are looking for an option to user Microsoft Teams as remote call control for your existing PBX solution, the answer is no. There is currently no built-in support for remote call control in Microsoft Teams and you need to look for a 3rd party solution.

If you like to add PSTN services to Microsoft Teams and would like to use Teams for PSTN calls, you have several options:

Calling Plans by Microsoft

Direct Routing with Microsoft Teams

Operator Connect with Microsoft Teams


I hope this helps you and points you in the right direction.