Use Student Groups instead of individual students' names in OneNote Class

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Hi there, 


I am exploring the OneNote Class and OneNote Teams. 


There are two questions with respect to students grouping. 


Let's assume we have 30 groups of students and we need to see student groups rather than the student names on the left panel of the OneNote screen. I know that when distributing the files, I can create groups on OneNote class and distribute a page to specific groups. Is there a way (add-in, etc) that allows me to see the groups (So every tutor looks into their group rather than searching for individual students in a pile of names). 


2) I have a OneNote Class and I would like to link it to Microsoft Teams. Adding a OneNote document (as a channel) is NOT the ideal solution. I have tried that and it basically links the OneNote documents to the Team. I need to link a Microsoft OneNote Classroom to the Teams. I know that there is there OneNote Classroom tab in the Teams but it seems like this only creates a new OneNote Classroom which has nothing to do with my current OneNote Classroom. 


Please let me know if you have managed to come around any solutions to any of the above questions. 



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Hi Yahsar,

I have a suggestion for your first situation. When you distribute a form to each group give each group's page a unique page name: Research Group 1, Research Group 2, etc. Then you can use the class notebook add-in to easily see the pages for each individual group in the review student work part of the add-in ribbon. It's not exactly adding a new group private section in the left pane but does allow easy viewing of specific pages.


For the second situation this is what I have done in the past. Use the link to the separate class notebook you want to add to the Team and create a new tab using the website option and paste in the link to the class notebook you want to bring in. Then the students have easy access to the notebook while in Teams. It is confusing to have two class notebook tabs in the general channel so you may consider making a new channel just for access to the class notebook you want to use.


Hope this helps.