Use of Teams Templates.

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When you create a new Team, you can choose to use a template. I have read this article But still hav questions.


Is it any documentation anywhere on what these templates include? Which channels, and which apps that is added using the different tempates.


Pros and cons of using an built in template.


When you choose to use a template. Vat the Team be private?


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The most official documentation I could find was:

If you today have free creation of Teams the native way, templates are good to help users create teams faster.
Although there’s not much else regarding to security and governance! For that you still have to use a custom provisioning flow.
You can choose private/public

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Thank you @ChristianBergstrom Very useful. I also noticed that I could start the process, and see what was included. And then cancel the creation.


I tested the "Manage a project" tempate. AQccoding to the documentasion List should bed created(?) But I could not find it in any of the channels. OneNote and Planner was ready for configuration.


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@Geir Hogstad Hello Geir! I'm the program manager working on team templates. Once you've created a team from a template, if you go over to "Manage a team" and select apps, you'll be able to see Lists as a preinstalled app. 


The apps you see in the team creation process are preinstalled apps that come with the team template - this does not necessarily mean they are already tab apps in the team. We do include some of the apps as tab apps in channels for common use cases, but also leave room for you to add in preinstalled apps (like Lists!) to channels based on your needs. 

Great, thank you for takling the time to explain @yingchang 


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