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I have created a Team for use within a specific Group of which all members use Office 365 and the Outlook Calendar to plan time off, meetings etc.  To improve collaborative working I would like details on personal calendars (and respective group calendars) to be visible on the Teams Calendar so that all information relating to Team Members diversions etc are shown in one area.  Is this possible with what Teams provides or do I need to procure an additional App/Plug in.

Can anyone please provide details of how I do this so that it can be presented to the Team during a call later this week.  The aim of doing this is to reduce the need for Team members to have to update numerous Calendars and planning Sheets and to have all information in one place to assist and enhance planning.

Many thanks

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I am trying to tackle the same problem and there seems no way to add a group calendar to Teams.

The Teams calendar is a sync copy of the login-ed user calendar. What I have tried is to create a tab in Teams to display The group calendar for the Teams members. You can find the details following this link

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I've managed a work around:


Add a new tab to a website, then paste the Outlook for the Web url (  Whichever group member opens this tab (renamed Group Availability) they see the shared calendars from Outlook without needing to leave the Teams app.  





Many thanks for your help