Use Microsoft Teams to notify employees of critical issues and outages

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Hi all,


We're looking to utilize Microsoft Teams as a method for notifying users of IT issues and outages, this would be limited to company wide critical issues which usually only happen a few times a year.


Could you please let me know if it's possible to create a team with the following requirements?


  • Create a team and add all company employees to it
  • Turn on notifications by default and prevent muting them
  • Do not allow members to create new messages or reply (we want them to use the helpdesk - info will be provided in each alert)


Thanks in advance.

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@Matthew Erb Also consider using the Microsoft template for Company Communicator


App templates for Microsoft Teams - Teams | Microsoft Learn


While it's several more steps to configure this is one of the best ways to provide one-way communications to your users, they receive the messages from a Bot rather than in a Team.