Use Markdown in DeepLink

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We would like to use deep link to generate Meeting Invitation with hyperlink in the body.


We are you the following documentation :


We tried [text to lin](link) , <a href=lin>text to link</a> with no luck.


Is it possible to have hyperlink in body ? if yes, could you explains how ?


Thank you

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We have done further tests and we are also looking for advice on line break with deeplink.


same problem for now, with this code :

let startText = `Rappel du dossier [${dossier}]`+encodeURIComponent(`${iwsUrl}${dossier}`);
                    return  <div style={{textAlign:"center"}}>
                                <Tooltip title="Créer la conférence d'incident majeur">
                                    <a  onClick={e => e.stopPropagation()}
                                        <Group style={{fill:commColors[7]}}/>

I have to type 2 spaces after the first line to get the markdown recognized.


Note : 2 line breaks result in one real line break in the message created by the deeplink :)

let startText = `Rappel du dossier [${dossier}]`+encodeURIComponent(`${iwsUrl}${dossier}