Use Flow to update Teams Channel chat when planner task is updated.

I have various Planner buckets. I update these tasks often. I’d like these task updates to also be added to a specific Teams Channel with the same name as the Planner Bucket using Flow. Is this possible? Thanks.
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Should be able to. You should be able to access the bucket name from the task update trigger and place that in the send message to Team action under channel along with the message. If I get time tomorrow I’ll sketch it out and see if it works if you don’t figure out before then.
Yeah it’s definitely a custom flow if it can be done. I checked out the existing templates but nothing was there. Was going to attempt to create one but had too much on with another blog on Power BI.

Would be awesome to see if this works. It would also be cool if the create and complete templates which give notifications to the Team can be restricted to buckets in the same way. Set up all three flows and you’ve pretty much got yourself a tracker for planner activity in that channel.

Best, Chris

@Chris Webb - Just revisiting this one - Unfortunately, the only 'triggers' available when creating the flow for Planner are:

@Supremebeing72 hey, did you ever figure out a solution for this? I am stuck in the same boat, looking to update a teams page, after a task in planner is updated. 



@jonathancavey Unfortunately not - But let me ping internally again to see if there have been any updates.... Thanks for the prompt!


@Supremebeing72any updates on this thread ... looking for a solution to post updates to a channel when tasks are updated 


Me too.

But I guess, there won't be any news about this, since this request is open since 2019.


A trigger on task change would be extremely helpful indeed.